Episode 62: Whacking Tracking

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On this episode we break down the tracking apps already in use around the world and those coming to keep us “safe” from Covid-19. We also talk about wearing masks, the news media faking coverage, YouTube censoring doctors, and much more!

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Links and Notes:

Seattle Closing Streets Permanently

Doctor to Senators: Coronavirus Fatality Rate 10 to 40x Lower than Estimates that Led to Lockdowns

CBS Caught airing fake footage 3X

YouTube Continues To Remove Videos – Plandemic – Dr. Judy Mikovitz

Dr. Mikovits on Masks

Gov Abbott of Texas issues executive order eliminating jail time if you violate stay-at-home rules

Apple and Google issue guidelines for contact tracing apps

City of Noida in India told to install app or else

Security holes in India’s app

COVID tracker app tracker

COVID field hospitals dismantled

SMS from census bureau
“Official message from the U.S. Census Bureau: We are asking you to complete a survey about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected your household.
The results will help federal officials guide America’s economic recovery. Your answers are confidential.”

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