Episode 194: Inescapable App

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Samsung removable bloatware

Canada getting a hyperloop

Xcel Energy proves they own “smart” thermostats

El Salvador BTC experiment, a year in

US bans exports of chips to China, per nVidia

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One Reply to “Episode 194: Inescapable App”

  1. Hey, Sir Bemrose!

    Sorry to hear about your Galaxy Android phone issues. I decided to de-Google my life a few years ago by getting a cheap Motorola phone, enabling the devtools and voiding the warranty so I could install the LineageOS on it. I’d rooted older Android phones before, so I was comfortable doing that, but a new OS was an entirely different undertaking. Nevertheless, it was the best thing I’ve ever done with a phone.

    LineageOS is simply a stock install of the open source Android package with all Google code removed. You don’t have to go through any setup questionnaire, just a few account creation prompts that take you to a normal Android phone layout with just the basic features installed. You can’t access the Google Play store, but F-Droid has all the apps you might need to install. If you really need to get to the Google Play store (for example, to install a Podcasting 2.0 app like Fountain that is only available there), the Aurora Store can create a temporary bridge to authenticate you to that repository without prompting you for your Gmail credentials. And of course, it’s available via F-Droid.

    I have no idea how LineageOS differs from the GrapheneOS, except that Lineage packages are available for an astonishingly wide variety of phones, not just the Pixel.

    Because I’ve been overboard on the Grumpy Old Bens podcast for a long time, I’m tossing you some bitcoin so I won’t feel like such a douchebag.

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