Bonus Episode 2: The Fabulous Bemrose Brothers

Grumpy Old Bens Bonus Episode #2 - The Fabulous Bemrose Boys

There was no Grumpy Old Bens yesterday due to Darren going off to help his mother as she was released from the hospital. Ryan somehow figured out how to stream to the No Agenda Stream and got his younger brother Tony. AKA Bemlet, to join him. If you’ve ever wanted to hear some Bemrose stories, this is the podcast you’ve been waiting for.


Thank you for listening to Grumpy Old Ben and the Fabulous Bemrose Brothers. Please, tell a few friends!

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  1. I wanted to say that it was awesome that you were able to record this for a good laugh as well as a trip down memory lane. I am the person you hear talking in the background at the very beginning of the stream and I am also the transgendered person that Ryan has referred to on a few occasions. I am also an honorary Bemrose and have been friends with Tony for almost 20 years and Ryan just a little less than that. I love listening to your show as I have moved away from both of them and almost all of my interaction with them is online.

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